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Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0: Revolutionizing Health Insurance

In the ever-evolving landscape of health insurance, where premiums tend to surge annually, Niva Bupa presents a paradigm shift with its Reassure 2.0. While health plans usually witness increasing premiums, Niva Bupa defies the norm, offering a unique feature – the premium remains constant until the policyholder files the first claim. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of this groundbreaking health insurance policy.

Delving into Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0

Launched in October 2020, Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 comes in three variants – Bronze+, Titanium+, and Platinum+. The base bronze plan serves as an economical option, while Titanium and Platinum plans introduce the innovative “Lock the Clock” feature.

Lock the Clock

  • A revolutionary concept where premiums freeze at the age of policy initiation.
  • If you start at 25, you pay the premium applicable for a 25-year-old until the first claim.
  • Post the claim, the premium adjusts according to the current age, evolving with age slabs.

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No Room Rent Limit

  • Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 liberates policyholders from room rent constraints during in-patient hospitalization or ICU admission.
  • Extensive coverage: 60 days pre-hospitalization and 180 days post-hospitalization.

No Co-Pay

  • The policy stands out by eliminating co-pay, and the Safeguard rider covers non-payable items, inflation protection, and safeguards booster+ benefits post-claim impact.

Pre-Existing Diseases

  • A waiting period of 3 years for pre-existing diseases, with the option to waive it for conditions like diabetes and hypertension from day one, albeit at an extra premium.

Booster Benefit

  • Unutilized Base Sum Insured accumulates, reaching up to 3/5/10 times (based on the chosen plan) after ten years, ensuring robust coverage.

Permanent Exclusions

  • Awaiting period of 36 months for pre-existing diseases.
  • Exclusions for specific conditions until 30 days from policy commencement.
  • Various exclusions like hazardous sports, cosmetic surgery, and unrecommended treatments.

Discounts and Optional Benefits

  • Up to 30% discount on renewal premium based on step count.
  • Optional benefits include Hospital Cash Safeguard and Safeguard+ for additional coverage against non-payable items.

Maternity Benefits

  • Not covered under Niva Bupa Reassure, ensuring clarity and allowing policyholders to plan accordingly.

Premiums for a 10 Lakhs Claim

  • A 30-year-old pays Rs. 10,294 for the base Niva Reassure 2.0, with premiums increasing for higher versions, reflecting enhanced features.

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Variants and Benefits

  • Platinum+, Titanium+, and Bronze+ variants offer a range of Sum Insured options, covering in-patient care, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and modern treatments.


  • A budget-friendly option with coverage for essential needs (5 Lacs to 100 Lacs Sum Insured).
  • Booster+: Accumulates unutilized Sum Insured up to 3 times, boosting financial security.
  • Live Healthy: Rewards active lifestyles with premium discounts up to 30%.
  • ReAssureX: Unlocks unlimited additional coverage (up to original Sum Insured) after the first claim.

Platinum+ & Titanium+:

  • Supercharged coverage for those seeking comprehensive protection and peace of mind.
  • Booster+: Offers higher limits, multiplying unutilized Sum Insured up to 5 times (Titanium+) or 10 times (Platinum+).
  • ReAssure+: Unlocks unlimited additional coverage (up to original Sum Insured) forever, doubling the financial protection.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Choose any room category without impacting your claim (Platinum+ & Titanium+).
  • Safeguard+: Optional rider covering non-payable items, inflation-linked Sum Insured increases, and Booster+ protection (Platinum+).

Key Differences:

  • Coverage: Platinum+ & Titanium+ offer higher Sum Insured options and more extensive coverage benefits.
  • Booster+: Platinum+ & Titanium+ offer higher Booster+ multipliers, providing greater financial safety.
  • ReAssure: Platinum+ & Titanium+ offer unlimited additional coverage forever, while Bronze+ offers it only after the first claim.
  • Room Choice: Platinum+ & Titanium+ offer greater flexibility in choosing room categories.
  • Safeguard+: Platinum+ offers the most comprehensive protection with Safeguard+, covering non-payable items, inflation, and Booster+.

Bronze+ provides a solid foundation at an affordable price, ideal for individuals prioritizing essential coverage. Platinum+ & Titanium+ offer supercharged protection, enhanced flexibility, and greater financial security for those seeking comprehensive peace of mind.


Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 emerges as a game-changer in the health insurance arena. With innovative features like “Lock the Clock,” it stands out in providing financial security without annual premium hikes until the first claim. The Safeguard feature adds an extra layer of protection, while the Booster Benefit ensures sustained coverage. As Niva Bupa continues to innovate, the coverage scope needs to expand over time. In a world where health insurance is a necessity, Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 offers a refreshing approach, heralding a new era in comprehensive and sustainable health coverage.

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