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Top Packaging Stocks in India 2024

The packaging industry in India plays a pivotal role across various sectors, ensuring product safety and enhancing presentation. Several packaging companies in the country have demonstrated substantial growth in recent years. This article explores the top five packaging stocks in India based on their market performance, profitability metrics, and financial indicators.

AGI Greenpac Ltd AGI Greenpac boasts a market capitalization of Rs 4,577.03 crore with a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 18.23, slightly higher than its historical three-year PE of 14.93. The company has achieved a commendable sales growth of 24.32% over three years and an impressive profit growth of 42.09%. AGI Greenpac also recorded a year-over-year (YoY) operating margin (OPM) growth of 15.18% and a solid cash flow growth of 12.61%, despite a reduction in debt (-15.78%).

Huhtamaki India Ltd With a market cap of Rs 2,822.60 crore, Huhtamaki India has a PE ratio of 25.89, significantly lower than its historical PE of 36.04. While the company’s three-year sales growth is modest at 1.16%, it has achieved a profit growth of 9.86%. Notably, Huhtamaki India saw a substantial YoY OPM growth of 39.70% and an impressive cash flow growth of 106.24%. Despite reducing its debt by -37.87%, the company maintains a solid ROE of 13.04% and an ROA of 6.63%.

TCPL Packaging Ltd TCPL Packaging has demonstrated remarkable performance with a market cap of Rs 2,374.22 crore and a PE ratio of 22.26, closely aligned with its historical PE of 15.68. The company’s sales growth over three years is 18.02%, with a significant profit growth of 47.10%. TCPL Packaging recorded an OPM growth of 1.82% YoY and an impressive cash flow growth of 89.52% YoY.

Everest Kanto Ltd with a market cap of Rs 1,426.75 crore, has a PE ratio of 14.37, slightly above its historical PE of 12.21. The company has shown a three-year sales growth of 8.82% and a profit growth of 15.54%. Everest Kanto achieved an OPM growth of 4.38% YoY and an outstanding cash flow growth of 113.44% YoY.

Shree Rama Multi-Tech Ltd with a market cap of Rs 375.02 crore, has a higher PE ratio of 37.66 compared to its historical PE of 42.38. The company has demonstrated a three-year sales growth of 9.38% and a substantial profit growth of 40.65%.


In the dynamic landscape of packaging companies in India, these five stocks have demonstrated robust growth in sales, profit margins, cash flow, and operational efficiency. AGI Greenpac and Huhtamaki India stand out for their consistent growth and strong financial metrics, making them reliable choices for investors seeking steady returns. TCPL Packaging offers significant growth potential with impressive profit margins and operational metrics. Everest Kanto provides strong cash flow growth despite more moderate overall returns. Shree Rama Multi-Tech, despite higher risks, offers potentially high rewards with its exceptional returns and improving financial metrics.

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