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Futures and Options

How Can You Use Futures and Options For Hedging?

In the financial world, hedging is a strategy employed by investors to manage risk. It involves taking a position in the market that offsets...


The Power of Soft Skills in Trading – 7 Essential skills to know

We, as humans, are innately emotional. Even the most logical trader can feel the waves of fear, excitement, or confusion. This emotional nature can...

The Story World’s Most Successful Hedge Fund: Jim Simons

When we mention Renaissance Technologies, our minds immediately conjure the image of the most triumphant hedge fund in history. Their remarkable achievement of delivering...

Coppock Curve

What is the Darvas Box Theory?

Mutual Funds


All you need to know about Aadhar Housing Finance IPO

The much-anticipated IPO of Aadhar Housing Finance is officially open to the public starting today. Aadhar Housing Finance IPO is priced between Rs 300...

Baazar Style Retail’s IPO: What investors need to know

Baazar Style Retail, backed by the legendary investor Rekha Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, has set its sights on the public market. The company recently filed its...

Oversubscribed IPOs: How hot offerings are made?

After you've applied for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), you naturally wait to see if you'll be one of the lucky investors to receive...



While net income is a standard measure of a company's financial health, it can be influenced by various non-operating factors like taxes, interest expenses,...


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