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Futures and Options

The Wheel Strategy: Your Path To 20% Annual Returns

In the world of options trading, the Wheel Strategy stands out as a powerful technique for generating consistent returns while managing risk effectively. This...


Master Nine Sell Rules To Secure Your Stock Market Profits

While buying great stocks is crucial for success in the market, knowing when to sell them is equally important. Holding onto winners too long...

Coppock Curve

Coppock Curve with Nifty 50 and Gold Futures View The Coppock Curve, a technical analysis indicator, is a monument to economist Edwin "Sedge" Coppock's inventiveness....

What is the Darvas Box Theory?

What Is Cycle Analysis?

Mutual Funds


Understanding the IPO bubble in bull market

In recent years, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have captured the imagination of investors worldwide, particularly in emerging markets like India. The allure of quick...

What is the lock-in period in IPOs?

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are like grand openings for companies, marking their transition from being privately held to publicly traded entities. It's an exciting...

A comprehensive look at the primary market intermediaries

The primary market plays a crucial role in the financial ecosystem, serving as the platform for companies and governments to raise capital through the...



Financial ratios are powerful tools that help investors and analysts evaluate a company's performance and financial health. Three key ratios, Return on Equity (ROE),...


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