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Understanding Capture Ratios in Mutual Funds

When investing in mutual funds, understanding their performance during market fluctuations is crucial. The capture ratio is a tool that helps measure how well a fund performs compared to benchmark indices like Sensex or Nifty, particularly during bullish and bearish market trends.

What is the Capture Ratio?

The capture ratio indicates a mutual fund’s performance during volatile stock market conditions. It’s expressed as a percentage, revealing if a fund outperforms or underperforms benchmark indices during market highs and lows.

Types of Capture Ratio

Capture ratios come in two types:

Upside Capture Ratio measures fund performance during bullish markets when benchmark indices rise.

Formula: Upside Capture Ratio = (Mutual fund returns during a bullish market) / (Benchmark index returns) * 100

A ratio greater than 100 indicates the fund outperforms the benchmark during bullish periods.

Downside Capture Ratio measures fund performance during bearish markets when benchmark indices fall.

Formula: Downside Capture Ratio = (Mutual fund returns during a bearish market) / (Benchmark index returns) * 100

A ratio of less than 100 indicates the fund loses less than the benchmark during bearish periods.

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Calculation of Capture Ratio

For instance, if the stock market rises by 15 percent and the fund by 20 percent, the resulting capture ratio is 133 (indicating outperformance).

Considerations When Using Capture Ratios

Choose a capture ratio aligning with your investment horizon (1 year, 3 years, 5 years, etc.). A close-to-100 ratio for both upsides and downsides suggests similar fund performance in different market conditions. A high upside capture ratio doesn’t guarantee a low downside capture ratio and vice versa. Ensure the benchmark used aligns with the fund category for accurate comparison. Compare similar funds (e.g., equity funds with other equity funds) for a relevant assessment.

Insights from Capture Ratios

Capture ratios aid in assessing a fund manager’s ability to navigate market volatility. A ratio over 100 during market rallies shows the fund outperformed, while a ratio below 100 during slumps indicates the fund fared better than the benchmark. They offer a deeper insight into fund performance, guiding investors toward informed decisions.


Capture ratios are valuable tools for evaluating mutual fund performance during market fluctuations. While helpful in comparing funds, they should be used alongside other considerations to make well-informed investment decisions. Understanding these ratios can empower investors to make more strategic choices aligned with their investment goals.

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