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Thanksgiving & Black Friday’s Impact on Indian Markets

As we gather around tables adorned with the warmth of Thanksgiving and the joy of Christmas, our hearts resonate with gratitude, hoping they are as full as the plates before us. Ho ho ho, for it’s the season of bountiful Thanksgiving, where grateful hearts pave the way for abundance.

In the air, you can sense the excitement, the anticipation of the upcoming festivities. The aroma of turkey and the melodies of carols waft through the air, painting a picture of joy and togetherness. But in the midst of this holiday symphony, there’s a crescendo building—a crescendo that echoes through bustling streets and online marketplaces alike.

Enter the stage, Black Friday, the grand overture to the holiday shopping extravaganza. Originating in the 1960s, this annual event unfolds the day after Thanksgiving, turning the spotlight on significant discounts and promotions that beckon throngs of eager shoppers to both physical and digital storefronts. It’s a spectacle where electronics, clothing, appliances, and more become stars in their own right, performing the dance of slashed prices and unbeatable deals.

Beyond the borders of the United States, Black Friday has evolved into a global phenomenon, a synchronized dance of sales events that echoes around the world. The crescendo reaches a peak on Cyber Monday, where online retailers take centre stage, showcasing their own set of dazzling deals.

Impact on Online SalesBlack Friday and Thanksgiving have significantly boosted online sales in India.

  • The rise in e-commerce and the increasing popularity of online shopping have made these events appealing to Indian consumers seeking deals and discounts. Indian e-commerce platforms have capitalized on this trend by offering attractive promotions and discounts during these periods, leading to a surge in online sales. For instance, in 2023, Amazon India witnessed a 300% increase in sales during Black Friday compared to an average day.
  • Impact on Retail Sales The influence of Black Friday and Thanksgiving has extended to brick-and-mortar retail stores in India. Many Indian retailers have adopted the concept of Black Friday sales, offering discounts and promotions to attract customers. This has led to an increase in foot traffic and sales in physical stores during these periods. For example, in 2023, Reliance Retail witnessed a 20% increase in sales during Black Friday week compared to the previous week.
  • Impact on Consumer Spending Patterns Black Friday and Thanksgiving have influenced consumer spending patterns in India. Consumers tend to plan their purchases in advance and wait for these events to avail of the best deals. This has led to an increase in consumer spending during these periods, particularly in categories such as electronics, apparel, and home appliances.

In addition to the direct impact on sales, Black Friday and Thanksgiving have also had a broader influence on the Indian economy. These events have contributed to the growth of the retail sector, created employment opportunities, and boosted consumer confidence.

Investors and analysts keenly watch these numbers, for they offer a glimpse into the psyche of the consumer. A robust holiday weekend suggests optimism, a belief that the season of giving will extend well into the holiday festivities.

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