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Top Performing – Real Estate Stocks

Despite facing challenges, the residential real estate sector showed remarkable performance in the past fiscal year, with record-breaking sales in 2022 surpassing the previous peak in 2014. The office segment also demonstrated resilience, gradually recovering and witnessing improved occupancy levels, driven by the return to normal work policies. However, some occupiers continue to adopt flexible and hybrid work approaches.

Following are some of the top performing Real Estate stocks for the past year: 


Market Capitalization (INR crore)  CMP  Book Value  1 year return (%)  ROE (%) 
Anant Raj 7037.76 217.15 87.17 150.41 5.45
Sumit Woods 88.86 29.05 21.94 142.08 11.34
Marathon Nextgen 2038.49 440.05 166.00 106.56 17.69
TARC Ltd 2529.87 85.73 45.80 105.46 1.52
Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd 121.52 449.90 536.06 85.42 17.22
Victoria Mills 41.80 4221.25 5453.35 85.40 2.90
Elnet Technologies Ltd 109.92 274.80 306.57 76.45 11.71
Citadel Realty 22.30 28.26 13.98 73.76 9.70
Suratwwala Business Group Ltd 667.62 385.00 6.41 71.94 81.86
Kolte Patil Developers Ltd 3498.11 460.25 137.67 48.28



In the residential sector, robust demand from end-users fuelled record sales in 2022. Total sales in the top 7 cities reached approximately 3.65 lakh units during the fiscal year, exceeding the 2014 peak of 3.43 lakh units. This sustained momentum can be attributed to factors like improved affordability, the desire for homeownership, aspirations for better lifestyles and larger homes with enhanced amenities, urbanization, limited quality supply, and increased consolidation among reputable developers.

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Notably, there is a growing trend of larger and more reputable players gaining a larger share of the housing market, indicating consolidation in their favour. This trend is expected to continue in the near future, ensuring that future supply remains balanced and does not lead to a significant increase in inventory levels.

Furthermore, consumers are increasingly favouring premium and luxury segments within the housing industry, with demand for these segments doubling over the past five years.

Disclaimer:This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions. 
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