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Top Oil Refining Companies in India

The oil and gas sector stands as one of the foundational industries in India, exerting significant influence on decisions pertaining to various vital sectors of the economy.

Given the intimate link between India’s economic growth and its energy consumption patterns, the demand for oil and gas is anticipated to surge. This, in turn, establishes a favourable environment for investment in the sector. In the year 2022, India was positioned as the world’s third-largest consumer of oil.

Globally, India is foreseen as a significant contributor to the expansion of non-OECD petroleum consumption. In the fiscal year 2022-2023, India’s utilization of petroleum products reached 222.3 million metric tonnes (MMT). High-speed diesel emerged as the foremost consumed petroleum product within India, constituting 38.6% of the overall consumption of petroleum products during the same fiscal year.

As per the India Energy Association, it is projected that the primary energy requirement will nearly double, reaching 1,123 million tonnes of oil equivalent, driven by the anticipated growth of India’s gross domestic product to around USD 8.6 trillion by 2040.

In this article, we are going to explore the top listed oil refinery companies in India with their June quarterly results and their share performance.

Company Name CMP M Cap Rs (in Cr) Sales Rs (in Cr) Operating Profit Rs (in Cr) Net Profit Rs (in Cr) 1-Year Return %
Reliance Industries 2,511.75 16,99,351.46 2,07,559.00 38,093.00 18,258.00 4.15
IOCL 92.37 1,30,437.88 1,98,550.77 23,716.33 14,735.30 29.41
BPCL 350.50 76,032.29 1,12,984.79 15,785.13 10,644.30 4.63
HPCL 264.65 37,541.86 1,12,079.16 9,645.62 6,765.50 9.29
MRPL 92.97 16,293.95 21,173.12 2,068.34 1,012.74 22.68
CPCL 374.00 5,569.30 14,744.80 949.82 548.32 17.20

The table above makes clear that Reliance Industries holds the foremost position across various metrics, including market capitalization, revenue, and profitability. However, its stock has not performed during the last one year.

Both IOCL and MRPL have shares trading below Rs 100, yet they have exhibited strong performance over the last year, generating returns of 29.41% and 22.7%, respectively, securing top positions.

When excluding Reliance Industries from consideration due to its conglomerate nature, and focusing on other companies within the refining industry, India Oil Corporation Limited emerges as the leading company in terms of operational performance and share performance in every aspect.

Investors must keep an eye on these shares.

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