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Top 10 Performers in Power Generation & Distribution sector

India’s power sector is experiencing an electrifying performance, standing as a vital pillar of the nation’s infrastructure and economic progress. The government’s commitment to universal access to affordable and sustainable energy has led to significant advancements. With a diverse energy portfolio encompassing coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, and hydropower, India has become a global leader in renewable energy, securing the fourth position in both wind and solar power capacity in 2023.

As of 2023, India boasts an installed capacity exceeding 423 GW, making it the world’s third-largest producer and consumer of electricity. Renewable energy, constituting over 41.9%, plays a pivotal role, with solar and wind alone contributing impressive capacities of 71.14 GW and 43.94 GW, respectively. This diverse mix ensures a reliable power supply even amid rapid demand growth.

Outstanding Growth in FY23:

In the fiscal year 2022-23, the power sector witnessed remarkable growth, with power generation increasing by 8.87% to reach 1,624.15 billion kWh. Recognizing the immense potential, significant investments are pouring in, with the National Electricity Plan 2022-32 estimating a total requirement of Rs 33 lakh crore (USD 400 billion) and 3.78 million skilled professionals by 2032 to meet rising energy demands.

Top 10 Performers in Power Generation & Distribution based on 1-year return

S.No.  Name  CMP Rs.  Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Net Block Rs.Cr.  Net Block 3Yrs Back Rs.Cr.  1Yr return % 
1 Inox Wind Energy 4,899.95 5,903.26 1,378.51 405.7
2 Karma Energy Ltd 95.80 110.84 25.89 42.31 250.27
3 SJVN 97.90 38,472.64 8,487.52 8,051.15 159.52
4 IND Renewable 30.66 9.28 0.00 0.00 150.29
5 Orient Green 23.10 2,265.48 1,425.26 1,730.88 140.33
6 NLC India 206.45 28,627.12 23,424.61 24,109.14 133.18
7 Rattanindia Pow. 9.86 5,294.92 13,048.29 14,409.84 129.76
8 SRM Energy Ltd 12.95 11.73 0.00 6.23 125.22
9 Waa Solar 101.00 133.98 97.74 150.09 121.78
10 Guj Inds. Power 179.80 2,719.48 3,047.13  2,883.30 104.11


Government Initiatives and Key Players

Government initiatives like DDUGJY, UDAY, and IPDS are accelerating rural electrification, ensuring equitable power access. The allocation of USD 885 million for the solar power sector in Union Budget 2023-24 reflects sustained support for renewable energy development. Noteworthy players in the sector, including NTPC, Power Grid, Adani Power, Tata Power, NHPC, and SJVN, are making significant strides.

Outlook and Future Prospects

The government’s ambitious goal of achieving 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030 underscores its commitment to the sector. The National Infrastructure Pipeline allocates a substantial 24% of its USD 1.4 trillion budget to the energy sector, emphasizing the government’s focus on infrastructure development. Companies like SJVN, Adani Group, and NTPC are further boosting the sector with heavy investments in renewable energy.

Despite these positive developments, challenges such as grid integration of renewable energy, ensuring reliable and affordable power supply, and developing a skilled workforce need addressing. However, India’s power sector stands on the precipice of a bright and sustainable future. By leveraging its immense potential and implementing effective strategies, India can emerge as a global leader in renewable energy, improve living standards through increased electrification, and generate new jobs and economic growth.

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