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Hero Motocorp To Join ONDC To Enhance Reach And Convenience

Delhi-based Automobile goliath, Hero Motocorp is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers and it has a market share of around 46% in the Indian two-wheeler market. The automobile company has joined the Open Network for Digital Commerce(ONDC) to further strengthen its reach and customer convenience. It has announced this tie-up with the state-backed ONDC on Monday, May 13.

First Auto Company in India to join ONDC

With this tie-up between Hero Motocorp and ONDC, Hero Motocorp has become the first automobile company in the country to join the state-backed platform, ONDC. Under this, Hero Motocorp will offer two-wheeler parts, accessories and merchandise on the open network. These products will be available on buyer-side applications such as Paytm and Mystore. This partnership thus marks a significant milestone for the automobile giant and it also embraces the digital India initiative that aims to prosper India’s digital transformation.

Hero Motocorp CEO on this strategic tie-up

Niranjan Gupta, CEO of Hero Motocorp has said that, “Now with ONDC Network, we have pioneered the automotive taxonomy for the auto industry, making it easier for customers to find vehicle parts and accessories to begin with. With this initiative, Hero MotoCorp is furthering the government’s Digital India mission and we will continue to bring in more innovation in this space.”

Open Network for Digital Commerce(ONDC) will provide Hero Motocorp with a broader platform to showcase and distribute its two-wheeler parts, accessories, and merchandise. By leveraging the network of the state-backed platform, ONDC, With, Hero Motocorp will be able to reach a wider audience through various buyer-side apps like Paytm and Mystore, This will also enhance accessibility and convenience for customers. Additionally, ONDC’s infrastructure will facilitate streamlined operations and efficient delivery processes for Hero Motocorp’s products.

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Conclusion: The timing of this development coincides with Open Network for Digital Commerce’s(ONDC) strong expansion efforts and its continuous onboarding of new participants onto the network. Recent reports have also indicated that the government has instructed leading e-commerce players like Flipkart and Amazon to establish storefronts on ONDC. This directive aims to strengthen the state-backed platform’s capacity for scaling operations and streamlining deliveries.

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