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Diamines & Chemicals – Receives Approval Letter From NSE

Diamines & Chemicals Ltd, a respected name in the chemical industry, has achieved a significant milestone. The company has received approval from the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to list its shares on the NSE. This is a big step in the company’s journey and offers new opportunities for investors and stakeholders.

The company has been informed that its equity shares of Rs 10 each (fully paid up) shall be listed and admitted to dealings on the National Stock Exchange w.e.f. September 25, 2023. The symbol shall be named as “DIAMINESQ”.

Today, the stock opened at Rs 532, with a high and low of Rs 548 and Rs 526.10 The stock has a 52-week high of Rs 686.75 and a 52-week low of Rs 390. The current market cap of Diamines & Chemicals Ltd is Rs 532.01 crore. Presently, promoters hold a 54.64% stake whereas the institutional and non-institutional holdings are 0.03% and 45.33%, respectively.

Diamines and Chemicals Ltd. was established in 1976 and initiated its production operations in 1982. For over two decades, the company has held the exclusive position as the sole manufacturer of ethylene amines in the Indian subcontinent. This achievement reflects the company’s exceptional prowess, with its plant developed entirely through indigenous research and expertise. Diamines is a prominent producer of Ethylene amines in India, with its manufacturing facility located in the PCC Area, P.O. Petrochemicals, Vadodara. The company serves a diverse range of industries in India, including but not limited to Bulk Drugs (such as Quinolones and Antihistamines), Fungicide and Insecticide production, Polyamide resins, Gas Sweetening, Chelants, Textile Auxiliaries, Water Treatment Chemicals, Paints and Adhesives, Chemical Syntheses, and Lube Oil Additives. Additionally, it holds a significant position as a supplier of PIPERAZINE to pharmaceutical and Gas Sweetening Application industries.

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