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Ajooni Biotech looking to cultivate growth with the Moringa project

Ajooni Biotech Limited, a leading provider of PURE VEG Animal Healthcare Solutions, is taking a significant step towards sustainable growth with the launch of the Moringa Project. This project marks the beginning of a strategic cultivation plan, starting with the lease of 75,000 square yards of land in Bikaner for the Moringa plantation.

The Moringa Project offers a multifaceted approach to Ajooni Biotech’s future. Moringa leaves, rich in essential amino acids, will be used to create high-quality animal feed. This is expected to boost milk production by 10-15% and contribute to the overall health of livestock. Moringa oil, extracted from the seeds, holds immense potential as a feedstock for biodiesel and aviation fuel, promoting a shift towards sustainable energy sources. Moringa cultivation contributes to reduced global warming and provides valuable byproducts like Moringa oil cake, a cost-effective and protein-rich alternative to animal feed. Additionally, the bark can be used to produce activated carbon.

Ajooni Biotech’s vision extends beyond the initial land acquisition. The company plans to cultivate Moringa in Punjab and Gujarat as well, acquiring additional land for large-scale production. This expansion demonstrates their commitment to long-term growth and sustainability.

Ajooni Biotech anticipates generating an additional Rs 150-200 crore in annual revenue from Moringa operations by FY25-26 onwards, with projected profit margins of 30-40%. This project presents a promising opportunity for the company’s financial future. The company’s Moringa Project is a testament to its innovative spirit and commitment to a sustainable future. By leveraging the unique properties of the Moringa tree, the company aims to enhance animal health, promote renewable energy sources, and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Share Price Movement

At present, the share of Ajooni Biotech Limited is trading at Rs 6.10, reflecting a slight decrease of 0.81% from the previous day’s closing price. This price falls within the 52-week range of Rs 3.38 (low) and Rs 6.90 (high). The upper band at Rs 6.75 and lower band at Rs 5.55 provide additional context for the stock’s current valuation.

About Company

Ajooni Biotech Limited is a leading PURE VEG animal health care solutions company, focusing on quality, safety, and innovation in animal feed production. With a comprehensive feed range, AJOONI is a significant player in the animal pure veg feed and supplement market. Their goal is to optimize productivity, meet nutritional and feed requirements, and provide optimal dietary balance for livestock growth.

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