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Why Indian Bonds are Rallying?

In a surprising twist in India’s financial realm, bonds are rallying and yields are falling after the government announced a lower-than-expected borrowing program. Let’s dive into the details of this fiscal roller-coaster, exploring what it means for the market and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Surprise Boost for Bonds

Indian bonds are on the rise, witnessing the most significant drop in the benchmark 10-year yield in over a year. This unexpected surge follows the government’s unveiling of a borrowing program that fell below market expectations. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman disclosed plans to sell bonds worth Rs 14.13 trillion in the fiscal year starting April 1, providing an immediate boost to the bond market.

Fiscal Responsibility and Market Reaction

One of the key catalysts for the bond rally is the government’s commitment to fiscal responsibility. The fiscal deficit target has been revised downward to 5.1% of the gross domestic product, defying the 5.3% estimate. This unexpected move fuelled the rally, contributing to the most significant January gain in five years for Indian sovereign bonds. The market reaction underscores the significance of fiscal policies in shaping investor sentiments.

Market Anticipation and Global Inflows

As the government curtails its borrowing program, the market anticipates positive outcomes for Indian bonds. This development is further amplified by the best January gain in five years, driven by foreign inflows in anticipation of global index inclusion from June. With foreigners pouring more than Rs 500 billion into index-eligible debt, India’s sovereign debt market is experiencing a surge, providing optimism for the future.

Comfort for RBI and Fiscal Consolidation

The fiscal consolidation announced by the government is expected to provide comfort to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in reconsidering its stance. Net borrowings, adjusted for maturities, are projected at Rs 11.75 trillion for the upcoming fiscal year. This development may pave the way for a more flexible approach from the RBI, creating a favourable environment for the financial sector.

Impact on Yields and Foreign Investments

The immediate impact of the government’s announcement is evident in the bond yields. The benchmark 10-year bond yield dropped by 11 basis points to 7.04%, while the 14-year notes experienced a decline of 13 basis points. Foreign investors, in particular, have shown confidence in India’s bond market, with over Rs 500 billion flowing in since JPMorgan Chase & Co’s inclusion announcement in September. Despite this, foreigners only own 2% of India’s sovereign debt market, indicating potential for further expansion.

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India’s financial landscape is experiencing a positive shift as bonds rally and yields fall, propelled by the government’s unexpected fiscal measures.

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